Burris - Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Ballistic Plex

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Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Ballistic Plex Riflescope

Outstanding optical quality Positive steel-on-steel adjustments Extremely rugged outer tubes No-slip grips on the integrated eyepiece and focus adjustment Hi-Lume, Index-match multi-coated optics Special quad seals eliminate potential leaks European-style adjustable eyepiece Matte Finish Ballistic Plex Reticle Field of View (in feet @ 100 yards): 33 Low - 13 High Exit Pupil (mm): 13 Low-5.0 High Click Value (in. @ 100 yards): .25 Max Adj.(in. @ 100 yards): 50 Eye Relief (in.): 3.1-3.8 Length (in.): 12.2 Weight (ounces): 13 Unique Technical Features The outer tubes and internal components are extremely robust The adjustment system is: - repeatable - steel on steel - with audible clicks Double internal spring force. Every Burris scope has it On all rifle scopes: - Each scope is filled and purged at least 24 times with high quality, laboratory grade dry nitrogen. Each nitrogen cycle absorbs airborne and residual surface moisture that is evacuated from the scope - Every scope is individually recoil, water and fogproof tested - Burris uses specially made quad seals to provide double insurance against leakage Recoil Test Burris scopes are subjected to extreme recoil tests An impact machine is used to measure and duplicate the recoil pulse acceleration and duration This machine has been calibrated and verified by an independent laboratory to replicate the wave frequencies and shock impulses that a scope is subjected to Waterproof Test All Burris optics are proven to be absolutely waterproof Each scope is submerged in water with a temperature of 50 C The extremely hot water transfers its heat to the scope and the internal nitrogen expends 100% testing assures quality Fog Test The nitrogen contained in the scope is: - of high quality (ultra dry, laboratory grade nitrogen) - ultra pure - ultra clean To be sure that all airborne moisture and surfaces moisture within a scope is evacuated, testing consists of 24 cycles of - pressurizing the scope - subjecting it to a vacuum The tests are both cost and time intensive