DRT - .45 ACP - 150 GR - Frangible HP - 20 Rds/box

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Handgun Ammunition - 45 ACP, 150 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point

The powder core technology has been around for a while. However current examples on the market have little to no accuracy and limited frangibility. DRT is the first company to figure out how to stabilize the bullet in flight to achieve high accuracy and full dispersion of the powdered core in the wound cavity creating extensive Terminal Ballistics. DRT lead-free projectile is a revolutionary round. The bullet breaks apart on contact with a solid surface. The handgun ammunition is made to be an all-purpose round, disintegrating into a cloud of dust on steel but yet is effective on an organic target. It is a target and a carry round. Our round can be fired by law enforcement officers without any fear of ricochet or pass through, or fear of injury or death to innocent bystanders from ricochet or pass through.

45 ACP 150 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point 20 Rounds per box