Birchwood Casey - Sharpshooter Corrugated Silhouette Die-Cut Kit

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Sharpshooter Corrugated Silhouette Die-Cut Kit

The fun to shoot, yet challenging target lineup! Sharpshooter Targets provide a fun setting whether you are a beginner or seasoned shooter. Test your skills judging different distances or windage affects and enjoy shoot-off games with your friends. The corrugated plastic stands up to the elements and many rounds of shooting! Combine the die cut shapes with the Shoot-N-C® Targets for an instant reaction after every shot. Young or old, with Sharpshooter Targets, you will have a safe and enjoyable day at the range. Sharpshooter Corrugated Silhouette Die-Cut Kit is perfect for all firearms and calibers. Also great for indoor or outdoor use and low-light conditions. Silhouette is blue on one side, white on one side for maximum contrast. 38602 Kit includes: 2 plastic corrugated die-cut silhouettes 2-9" oval Shoot•N•C® Self-Adhesive Targets 6-4" oval Shoot•N•C Self-Adhesive Targets 40-1" repair pasters